About Us


Our current directors, Nicholas and Lyndy Dobree, started the business in 1986 with an initial planting of 200 grafted macadamia trees. Today we have 35 acres with over 3,000 healthy trees at various stages of production. We have also set up a fully mechanized commercial processing and packaging plant. This is now WA's only full scale macadamia processing plant, so as well as processing our own nuts, we buy and process nuts from growers throughout WA's southwest. The business is based at Baldivis, some 50 kms south of Perth on Western Australia’s sandy coastal plain.

We have been operating as a factory direct outlet since the trees have been bearing nuts. Since January 2016 our sales have been restricted to bulk retail and wholesale.

A Bright Future

Since we established our processing plant in 1995, we have been promoting the industry and encouraging the planting of more macadamia orchards in Western Australia. We are always keen to purchase locally grown nuts and are still a long way from full capacity in our processing plant. With demand continuing to exceed supply internationally and an ever-growing domestic market here in Western Australia, macadamias are an exciting crop for the future. Our own production is increasing year by year.


As the only commercial grower, processor and supplier of macadamia nuts in Western Australia, MacNuts WA prides it self on producing only the finest quality products. As a relatively new player in the national and international macadamia nut market, we are continually expanding and improving our operation to accommodate an ever increasing demand for our products. 

Our macadamia kernels are all fresh, premium quality Australian macadamia nuts.

If you are a wholesaler/distributor or are interested in exporting please email us and we will provide you with our wholesale price list. Although the business has grown significantly over the years, it still remains a family concern. If you are a Retailer, Wholesaler, Distributor or just an interested customer and would like more information on our products please E-Mail us at info@macnutswa.com.au or contact us at:


213 Doghill Rd,
Western Australia 6171
(national) 08 9524 2223
(international) +61 8 9524 2223
(national) 08 9524 3133
(international) +61 8 9524 3133
Email: info@macnutswa.com.au